What can Topscreens do for You
Our Screen can be used for the following among others
  • Ads as short as 10 seconds or for full-fledged advertising campaigns with much longer duration
  • Product and Service launches as well as short term sales promotions
  • Low budget slide advertising: seminars/conferences/events etc
  • Announcements: Special Occasions/Funerals/Anniversaries
There are several outdoor LED screens on the market
  • Our Led screens offer the highest picture resolution (MP4 Format) on the Ghanaian market, so far.  
  • Our screens “reveal your brand(s) - we are positioned in high traffic locations to ensure full exposure message.
  • All screens are fitted with standby generators to ensure airtime is fully utilized .
  • A maximum of 14 ads per screen. As a matter of policy we do not over load our screens to ensure a short rotation period in order to ensure a high frequency play of your adverts.  
  • Our adverts are remotely uploaded and powered to give you instant connectivity immediately you sign up.
  • Can be remotely accessed/programed from the comfort of your own offices and uploaded via an ISP link without having to visit the site where the screen is located.
  • Comes with a standby generator to allow for continuous operations – 24 hrs a day/7 days a week.